Diy Paperclip Charms

Hello everyone! I come to you with a very simple diy. It takes absolutely no time – it probably would take longer for you to read this sentence than to actually make them! I have seen for quite some time that a lot of people in the planner community have adorable charms hanging off their planner… I wanted some! Instead of buying them (I’m broke as well tumblr_inline_mqbyzk8P831qz4rgp540) I decided to make them. I think these would work great for journals too. Continue reading “Diy Paperclip Charms”


Spring Bucket List At Home

tumblr_lx802rZiSu1qbs47q540Hello everyone! Originally I wanted to make a spring bucket list earlier this year, but since with everything going on I decided to just switch it up a bit. It was fun to do. hehe Some of these things are bit obvious? But I think are still great things to do at home! Oh yeah, keep reading if you want to see some pretty pictures of our peach tree! Unfortunately all the flower petals decided they wanted to fly away with the wind, but that just means peaches will soon pop up! Good thing I took pictures of them before they fell. I also picked some petals and pressed them! d5zwbs0-416df1c6-d46c-4cb5-ae02-9373600509e5 Continue reading “Spring Bucket List At Home”